06 June 2007

summer fruit

I've been eating alot of these gorgeous cherries lately.
Berry shakes for breakfast are a good thing. Strawberries, blueberries, milk and frozen vanilla yoghurt...yummy!

we bought a big box of flash frozen wild blueberries from a local farm so i thought i'd do some baking....

ready for the oven...

Wild blueberry struesel muffins....also a good thing. I froze some of them, but when i thawed them out the struesel was too moist....struesel does not like being frozen. I love them warmed in the micro with a smear of butter, so comforting. Reminds me of college, in the winter i frequented a shop called Grandma Lee's which sold mammoth sized blueberry muffins which i scarfed down with a hot chocolate.
I love all the summer fruit that is available now, and i'm growing raspberries and rhubarb in the garden. The rhubarb leaves are huge, the stalks are a bit too thin, but i'm wondering how long i should wait to harvest it and start baking pies and crumbles. The raspberries will not fruit this year, probably next year though, and then i'll have to get netting, so the birdies and squirrels don't get them all.
I've also been eating alot of watermelon lately, so refreshing and sweet plus i heard it is alot healthier than i previously thought. I decided to take a chance with the nectarines i saw at the supermarket...not too bad, abit sour but juicy.
Looking forward to this month when the Ontario strawberries are ready to pick. Then are smaller than the Californian variety but very sweet. I love going to a farm to pick them myself, kneeling in the straw, swatting bugs and cramming berries in my mouth when the farm people are looking the other way. Nothing like a ripe strawberry warm from the sun. I have to wear a hat and sunscreen though since i got scorched by the sun last year. I ended up looking like a strawberry that night!!
How i love summer fruit.


leslie said...

yay! i love picking berries too! those muffins look delish.

Cathy said...

You can pick the rhubard now Pat. Keep picking before they get oo tough- use lots of sugar as it is sour. Enjoy the baking. Those muffins looked yummy.

Steph said...

Oh, I meant to take the kids strawberry picking this year! Yum!

victoria winters said...

I'm hungry now.

n said...

Beautiful muffins, they look delicious! We are looking forward to going strawberry picking too!


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