19 April 2010

What's new you ask?

Not a whole lot these days. But i'm enjoying the spring flora which i sometimes keep by my kitchen windowsill.

and speaking of flora...this plant in my living room has sprouted a new bloom...and there hasn't been one in years!

Lots of tree and bushes are budding...

and Archie is enjoying the sunroom...he likes to rock and roll!

And Lulu is still waiting for your vote here:

Canadian Living 'Most Adorable Pet' Contest.

Voting is for the rest of April and you can vote and comment every day! Every little bit helps and we sure appreciate your Lulu love!


Ola Fumilayo said...

aw little lulu is a sweetie. and archie is a great name for a ginger cat.

2 Raven Chicks said...

Oooh - love that vivid red bloom! A little piece of the tropics in Canada!

Awwww - cats always get their time in the sun. I'll tell ya - Lulu and Archie have the good life!

MsAnomaly said...

Great photos - giving me "spring fever!" Archie and Lulu are so cute, as always! :0)

Stephanie said...

your pets are adorable! Its cuteness overload here at your blog.


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