06 May 2010

Yum yum

That's exactly what these cookies were...Yum yum! I made peanut butter cookies with Hersey's kisses...the coconut ones. They tasted like a chocolate peanut butter macaroon. My waistline continues to grow though since i prefer making and eating cookies to exercising.

Lazy Lulu takes after her Mama....loves sloth activities....munching good food and lounging around.

(This photo is up close and pawsonal. Ha ha....pun intended!)

As you can see from this set of photos Lulu and I like to lie around a lot. Sigh. Must be the pillow top mattress. It's just too comfortable to move.

This is just too cute for words. Yeah, i take waaaay to many photos of my dog.


Frumsglassmenagerie said...

Those cookies looks so good. You're killing me Tricia. Now I want something yummie, and I have nothing sweet in the house.

We can never have too many photoso of our dogs. LOL

CiaoHound said...

I would love to have those cookies! They're my favorite! I love all of the great pictures of Lulu; she has such a pretty face!

MsAnomaly said...

Oooooh, I haven't had peanut-butter Hershey kiss cookies since Christmas! I'll have to try them with the coconut kisses next time I bake! Love the "up close and pawsonal" photo! Too cute! :0)

Stephanie said...

I take a million pictures of my dog too.. I think its justified since we both have such adorable pets.

plus your cookies look so so so tasty


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