31 May 2010

Dove's Nest

These doves are nesting on top of our porch's column! Awwww....new life!

(click on photo to enhance)

Look's like Mama bird is the middle one...with her two babies.

My bad kitteh Archie boy tried to climb the ivy vines on the porch column to get at the nest!

He has been eye-ing that nest for awhile now.

Bad Kitteh!!!

Cute, ain't he?

Sorry Arch!
I barricaded the column with cardboard so he can't climb up and get the birdies. Now i can rest easy, knowing i might have saved them! Pheew!


elsiee said...

enchanting! we have a dove nest somewhere in our back patio, the doves are lurking but I can't find the nest! enjoy yours!

Plantress said...

mourning doves are such gentle and pretty birds. I like their mournful call. We had a gutter blow off during this winter's storms so now, until it is replaced, we have some exposed rafters. Wouldn't you know that we have a starling (trash bird) nesting in there. My white trash equivilent of your pretty story :)

geelizzie said...

Your Archie looks just like my orange cat, and just as much a bad boy! We had doves that tried to build a nest on top of a ladder that was leaning against the back of the house. One year they built their nest in my bike basket, hadn't done much riding apparently.


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