13 August 2009

furry fairy tales and a recipe for hot days

Would you care to hear a tail...ur....tale?

Once upon a time,

There was a girl dog named Princess Lulu, and a boy kitty named Prince Archiekins....

and they lived together in a magical white cottage in the kingdom of Whitby, beyond the forest of Torontario.

They weren't always this close you see.

Because in fact, at one time they were mortal enemies, since Prince Archie was banished to live in the tower when fair Princess Lulu first came to be in the cottage at the Queen's request.

At that time, and forever on, the Princess slept atop her 12 mattresses in the King and Queen's chamber...

while poor little Prince Archie had to sleep inside potato bins in the cottage's kitchen, and keep an eye out for the royal mice who sometimes had midnight parties there.

One day the Prince thought and thought, and decided he'd had a change of heart about the Princess....

and the Princess saw the Prince in a new light, and went to see where he was.

So they sat down to chat about how they could improve their relationship in the cottage...

and they decided to be best of friends for the sake of the Queen, because they both wanted to live happily ever after in the magical white cottage.


Later that day, the Queen was so hot and sweaty...urm...perspired, that she decided to make a refreshing beverage for herself.

She filled a glass with ice..

and added a bit of cream.

Then made a pot of coffee and let it cool down for 10 minutes.

She got some sweetened condensed milk....

and poured a big heaping tablespoon over the cream and ice.

and then stirred in the cooled down coffee, making a lot of noise with the ice cubes, and made a bit of a mess.

Voila! Iced Vietnamese Coffee for one. Fit for a sweaty Queen...urm....perspired.

And on a final note...

Princess Lulu is modeling her newest look.

The Bing Crosby/Woody Allen chapeau.


(see you after my trip to the cottage on Lake Erie....

one solid week of sun surf and sand, but hopefully no sunburn. )


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Sometimes I wish I was a dog! They get to lay around all. Lol.


Shannon said...

Great story. I'm so glad the prince and princess could reach some sort of agreement together. :)

MsAnomaly said...

Aw, such a sweet fariy tale...er, tail. I'm so glad it had a happy ending! :D Love the first picture of the two tails! Lulu looks very chic in her Woody Allen hat. Have a great time ath the cottage!

nathalie said...

What a great story! So sweet! I laughed so much, thanks Pat! I wish you a fantastic time at the beach with your family!

Peldyn said...

Love the story! My kitties and puppies were hanging on every word. They breathed a sigh of relief at the happy ending.

2 Raven Chicks said...

Oh! What a delightful "tail"! Love a happy ending! I do believe it is my new favorite.

The beverage looks divine - definitely fit for royalty!

FrumsGlass said...

Love the tail of your two sweeties. So glad they enjoy each others company now.

nina kuriloff said...

terrific shots!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Love this story :)


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