04 September 2009

The waning days of summer..

are upon us now. We can almost count the days on our hands now.

Lulu is taking full advantage of summer's last days by getting her sun bathing in the backyard...
and Archie is also enjoying the patio...he is truly a sun worshipper!

Steven is currently doing some home Reno, he is refinishing the stairs...after much nagging from moi!! He has scraped and sanded about 5 coats of paint off the 90 year old stairs! When we moved in it was unfinished, previously painted and the stairs carpeted. After 3 years of nagging, I finally got my wish!

He has spent many hours this summer on the renovation. I can't wait to see the final results...I will post the before and after photos sometime in the next month. Let see...what shall i nag him about next?

Lulu is still lounging around in the backyard. I took this photo from my studio on the second floor of the house through a screen, which explains the fuzziness.

A close-up of my lazy dog! Don't ask me why she prefers lying on the dirt!

Poor Steven will be doing a lot more studying this fall. He is entering his second semester of Nursing school. He has studied a lot this summer though, he took a summer course and also studied a scary subject that he will find most challenging this fall: Pathology.

This is Steven's favorite spot on the porch where he has done most of his studying this summer. He only has a few more weeks to enjoy outdoor studying. His classes begin next week. (click on photo to see a cute face peeking through the posts.)

Well, I'm also gearing up for lots of work myself...with kookyhandbags and talkofthetown, my two shops. I am working on a line of market/book bags, perfect for carrying your books to school or your food from the market. I will post them soon! I also have a few other ideas up my sleeves! Always full of fresh ideas for the shops, what i do need is to get going and make them! And just to let you know, I have 'end of summer sales' going on in both shops! So go get something for yourself or start your Christmas shopping early! (shameless plug, i know!)

Ciao for now, my little bloggers!


Anonymous said...

ya, darn summer is almost coming to another close
all summer i was wishing for the colder weather (beacuse of the overwhelming heat and humidity) and now i want summer back, oh well it'll be back before we know it i'm sure
have fun with the reno's


SillyLittleLady said...

Adorable pets :) Sad that summer is coming to a close, but if it didn't I might die from the heat!

fatbasset said...

I love the woodwork on your staircase! Steve looks quite thrilled to be working on that. :) I love how Lulu is in the dirt. My basset always likes to lay on the hottest part of the patio instead of in the nice cool shade!

CatHerder said...

Great pics...i had to laugh, i had an orange cat named Archie as well!!!


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