14 September 2009


to soak up the last of summers' rays.

Lulu is always on the porch enjoying the warmth of the sun.

new foods...we are eating less meat. These are veggie burgers....not bad, and especially tasty with the tomatoes and guacamole.

a different bed. Lulu's new beddie boo is equivalent to a king size bed for us. Plus it has cedar shavings which give off a lovely forest-y scent in our living room, and on Lulu. We have successfully managed to get her to sleep here instead of hogging our bed all night. I miss her at night, but I think it's best for all of us.

Not to walk into all the spider webs on the porch and deck. Those darn spider's are always weaving their beautiful webs as quick as you can blink... gawd, how i wish i could be half that productive! (Anyone know...is this a wolf spider?)

To share my lap with two very affectionate critters. Lulu and Archie are always vying for my attention!
To finish the staircase ...It is still being stained as I write. The drying process is taking it's precious time. Then once that is done, the painting of the risers of the stairs then the varnishing...so many steps....no pun intended!!
Hopefully the stairs will be finished their Reno this month! Then photos will be posted.

September is almost half over...and I still need to finish my sewing projects and home projects. I want to recover my dining chairs, and paint the front hallway.

Projects, being what they are...time-consuming and usually having delays for various reasons....I always get so anxious about finishing them on a certain time table. I realize I need to let that go...and I am TRYING.


N. Rosa said...

Adorable pets! Dinner looked good, too.

nathalie said...

What an adorable picture, those pets just love you!
You are very courageous to eat a veggie burger, tried one last week and could not swallow it!

Anonymous said...

archie and lulu belle so cute

ya, hard to believe october is just around the corner, start buying halloween candy.
are you doing the display again this year?

house reno's are great, once the project is complete it feels so good and you can feel proud you DIY!

enjoy the last days of summer


oh i'm sticking with my hamburgers!
yum yum

Anonymous said...

Busy bees :) That veggie burger looks delicious--what kind? I really like boca and morning star so far, as we're eating less and less meat these days. Your fur babies are so cute! We have an orange tabby too! Her name is Gracie :)

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention
that's one scary looking spider, ahhhhh!


Anonymous said...

i heard animals like to roll in the dirt because it cools them



tricia said...

yes...the spider was rather scary...but Steve got rid of him...too bad, cos we would have been a good Halloween decoration.

Yep, i heard that animals lie in the dirt for cooling off...you'd think the grass would be cooler though?


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