14 July 2010

Like a bird in the sky

Ever wonder what it's like to fly? Then watch this amazing video from BBC of a falcon equipped with a camera. There are two settings...an ocean/cliff and then a forest. The forest scene reminds me of 'The Return of the Jedi' when they are zipping through the giant redwoods on land speeders.

This video is also accompanied with a great song by The Shocking Blue, the band from the late 60's/early 70's. They are best known for the song 'Venus'.

Enjoy! I certainly did, and have watched it many times. I recommend watching in full screen...click on You Tube icon in lower right hand corner.


Plantress said...

wow, I enjoyed that so much. Thank you. The falcon is amazingly well trained isn't h? Is the falcon able to form a bond with the "master" I wonder?

FrumsGlass said...

Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed it. I linked your blog to mine. http://frumsglassmenagerie.blogspot.com/2010/07/falconry-rock-in-sea-shocking-blue.html

MsAnomaly said...

Great video! Love the music, and the falcon is amazing! Thanks for sharing! :)

jenjasmine said...

That was so cool, and Shocking Blue is one of my favorite bands.

Salvatore Ferragamo said...

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Metallic Louis Vuitton Envelope Clutch said...

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