27 April 2007

spring fashion friday

i went shopping for some clothes the other day and this is what i picked up....

this lovely top (very Anthropologie) and can't wait to wear it with my white pants or jean capri's on a hot summer day!
Axiom...sale price $24.99)

this dress is very light and gauzy...and will look smashing with my red capri's and tank top.
(Urban Outfitters..sale price $20.00)

this rose pink shirt is so pretty and looks nice with a green or brown tank underneath.
(Urban Outfitters...sale price 12.49)

a nice kelly green v-neck sweater - very light, perfect for a breezy evening or when i feel a chill from over air-conditioned rooms.

this ecru lace and peach frock is great paired with jeans or tights.
(Urban Outfitters...sale price $17.50)

I got almost everything on sale (yee haw!) and i saved alot of moolah since they were 1/2 off prices....i just love sales!
I did'nt get the shoes or pants i needed, okay...Wanted....but there's always next trip.


Amy C. Martin said...

wow, great finds!! I especially love the first top!

Steph said...

Terrific goodies! I love the lace and peach!

c said...

very cute stuff
great prices too, you lucked out

Vanessa V said...

OKAY! I have to gush gush gush! Your purchases are incredible.. that last crocheted thing??? AMAZING! The gauzy dress thing, phenomenal!!!Oh, all of them! What fun! Youare a great shopper! xxo,V

leslie said...

oh, you're killing me over here!!! i can't wait to get back to canada for some serious sale shopping, you just don't get the same kind of deals here in australia. everything is BEAUTIFUL!

risa said...

great finds. i can't decide which is my favorite. but i love the udea of layering those dresses. i so, so , so miss sales from the states. here everything is cheap (but also cheaply made and usually ugly) or super expensice. hello??? where are all the mid-priced items???

Vanessa V said...

Psssst, You are a WINNER!!!

victoria winters said...

I love the dress. Alas, I couldn't fit in it I bet.


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