07 April 2007

Happy Easter!

Oh, pretty narcissus! You know how much i love my fresh flowers... i bought some more red tulips, purple iris and yellow lilies for my dinner table bouquet! How glorious they look together, a very lovely color combination. I'm even debating whether i should run over to the corner store for african violets for my bathroom window!! I'm such a flower freak! You may have noticed the ticker at the top of the page here... it's my countdown to spring flowers. Steve and i planted a kazillion or so bulbs last fall, and i'm pleased to say that they are starting to come up. We planted purple crocuses, orange tulips, daffs and i think some hyacinth too! I can't quite remember all that i planted but i know we were out half the day diggin the ground in the front and back yards. It's more work than i imagined, and we also sprinkled garlic powder in each little hole to ward off those pesky but cute squirrel monkies! I thank Margaret, the English lady across the road for that helpful tip. She also said that the flowers should come up by the beginning of May, hence the ticker i posted.
So, I'm a busy bee right now, i have to finish cleaning the house and readying for guests tomorrow. I'm serving Prime Rib Roast with jus, maple-glazed carrots, green bean with sliced almonds, garlic mashed potatoes and Yorkshire pudding (my first time for that recipe). Also, for dessert, Carmel Apple Cranberry Crisp Pie with vanilla ice cream. Yum Yum! I hope to report a successful feast to you later. I always feel a tad anxious, since i find it a challenge to cook everything to perfection and the timing of the dishes plus having to chat with guests which i find very distracting. As much as i love to entertain, i do like to have 'my space' while i prepare a big dinner.... it's just my way, i guess. So, I do hope it all goes swimmingly.

Here is the special project i was working on for Easter. Introducing my new bunnies, Rupert Rabbit and Beatrice Buttercup. I sent Rupert to Boston to live with my nephew Callum, his newest bestest friend. I hope they have bunches of fun together. I decided to keep Beatrice Buttercup for myself, since i grew quite fond of her sitting on my sofa in my crafting room. She sits there and tells me not to forget to bring her a carrot the next time i go to the kitchen for my tea and cookies.

the tail end of bunnies R & B!

here are two more little snuggle bunnies!


Anonymous said...

Aww, what cute lil bunnies!
And you take lovely pictures of flowers!

:::happy easter:::


Steph said...

Your Easter dinner sounds fabulous! Hope you had a beautiful day!

Vanessa said...

OMG! That meal sound outrageous! I wish I was there! Youa re making all of that? It would have taken a whole day I am sure! Were you spent by the time dinner came around? No, probably not, you probably glided in in your loveliest gown, and took up charmingly in the most interesting conversations....Just like a perfect hostess would do...Garlic powder? Bulbs... we need to talk.. how interesting... will it work on other pests?? Can't wait to catch up! xxo,Vanessa

Amy C. Martin said...

I agree, that meal sounds delish!! Hope you had a great Easter!

Retro Attic said...

The daffodils are so pretty. My grandpa used to pick them for me when I was little!


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