04 April 2007

what's new?

these tulips....

this bag in my Etsy shop:

this wristlet was sold to a buyer in Scotland! my first international customer!!

as was this one... to a buyer in the U.K!

I am still behind in sewing and spring cleaning....so much to do and so little time to do anything. I spent half the day cleaning and cooking and going to the post office, errands and on the computer that i find i'm having difficulty getting the stuff on my to-do list done.....so blogging friends, i plan to feature an Etsy Artist in a day or two and then probably will not be posting until next week.
See ya's then!


tatjana said...

Hi hon! I'm loving the new bags! I especially love that patchwork one...I'm a sucker for patchwork. Good luck with all you have to do!

c said...

you should make more wristlets too they are very cute
congrats on the sales to the uk

happy easter

Anonymous said...

Congrats on selling your wristlet that was on the front page! It's super cute!

Tricia said...

thankyou everyone!
feels great to get 2 sales within 24 hours, both to the U.K.!

Anonymous said...

jolly good

n said...

Congratulations! So proud of you!

saffron said...

Hi Tricia,

I really love your wristlets! Congrats on the recent sales. And WOW those tulips are too gorgeous! I need some of those.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Congratulations! Love the colours in the wristlet :)


Vanessa said...

Love your bags! The wrislet is awesome!!!! Love it!!!!!Tulips.. Lovely... Can't wait to read your feature! xxo,Vanessa

victoria winters said...

I can't read your ticker. 26 days until your what!?!?!?!

Tricia said...

victoria, it is 26 days, roughly, that my bulbs will come up - we planted alot around the house!
i can't wait for my spring flowers!!

yeah, i can't figure out how to show the title of the ticker :P


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