20 April 2007

flowers and kitties

I am taking photos of the progress of the flowers in the front and back yard...here's what it looks like on this sunny and glorious day:

and in the bathroom, the flowers are already blooming..

blue hyacinth and campenellas

'P' for photography and Patricia, it's also part of the letters that spell 'SPA'...

Eddie likes to hang out with me while i'm in the bathroom....

don't worry, guests. I won't give you the towel he is lying on...you'll get one from underneath! He waits for me while i shower, or do other things....ahem....you know like put on make-up or wash my face. I love having flowers on my windowsill now...this hyacinth is so fragrant i don't need bathroom spray (ahhhhh, non-chemical scents) and the campanellas (that's what i think they're called, unless someone can correct me) are so pretty and long-lasting...i seem to be especially fond of purple flora lately and i'm anxiously awaiting the blooming of the crocuses outside....they are coming up the quickest i think.

Stay tuned for a post on my next featured Etsy artist. Sorry leslie, i've been caught up with other stuff lately, but i have'nt forgotton about you :)

Archie and Eddie enjoying the breeze!


c said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, 11 days until May
We went for a walk in the Arboritum today and saw some crocus coming up, so pretty
Our lilac bush is also starting the first stages of budding, can hardly wait, love the smell!
Also we get so many Lily of the Valley, my fav! Totally!
(get it - say with a valley girl accent)
(like totally)

Tricia said...

yes, i too have noticed the tiniest buds on my lilac bush!
oh, i wish we had lily of the valley. i may have to start some.
I want to have a rose garden too!


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