20 March 2009

my fur kids

Since I'm not sure what to post about today, I will share the latest photos of my fur kids, Lulu Belle and Archie.

Lulu loves napping on my sofa in the studio. I like saying studio instead of craft room...sounds much cooler, no?

She will lie around where ever I am in the house, always close to me.......

But after a little while Lulu gets antsy and starts pulling on my pant leg, demanding a walksy palksy to the park. She is always ready to go to the park, to see if any of her doggie friends like Riley, Max, Meeka or Limerick is around to play with. She is def a dog who loves to socialize with other dogs and people too.

Little Archie loves the sun...he can usually be found following the sun around the house, napping where there's a patch of sun on the floor or soft cushion. His favorite room in the house would have to be the sunroom....we usually keep it closed off in the winter, but I have to check before i go to bed, in case he gets locked inside...since he sneaks in at every chance.

Someday I would love to get another fur kid, most likely another cat, since Edie passed away at Christmas, but I think we will wait a few years before we do.


http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Your babies are adorbale beyond words. Pets are the bestest in the wooooorld. They aren't even like pets at all.... They are real family memebers I'd say!! xoxo

nathalie said...

very cute! Suzie likes to sleep in the sun too.


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