16 June 2008

weeding and sneezing

It was a rather lonely and yucky weekend. Steve has been taking lots of business courses and studying and then he had an exam on Sunday. So I was left to my own devices, so to speak.
The yucky part of it is my head cold. I have a nasty old cold, that started with a very sore throat and progressed to a stuffed up, coughing and sneezing miserable thing. I swear my head feels about 500 lbs heavy.
S0 what did I do this past weekend>...well...I'll tell you.

Caught up on reading my newest magazines with a cup of ginger tea. I'm off caffeine and dairy right now until this cold is over.

Watched some movies, including this classic western which I adore..Butch Cassisdy and the Sundance Kid. I love the scene with the posse chasing them...."WHO are those guys"!!! Great banter between Newman and Redford and I can't figure out who's sexier.

On Sunday morning, with Steve writing his exam, I made myself a nice little stack of swedish pancakes, which are more or less a crepe type pancake. I had raspberries and some fresh mint from the backyard. YUM! They sure cheered me up!

I hung out in the backyard and admired the new perrinials comning up. We planted quite a few perrrenials to the ones the previous owner put it...lots of new ones coming up every few days. I swear it's so amazing to me to wander through the garden and seeing new flowers coming up.

This vine is creeping up our antenae. Oh, and I picked about a couple hundred or so weeds..we've got tons in the front, backyard and side of the driveway! It felt good to get rid of them....not so good when I got attacked by pesky mosquitos. I keep forgetting to wear bug spray!!

Lulu and I take a moment to enjoy the backyard...

and snuggle. (Steve took this without me knowing last week)

I hope everybody had a lovely weekend too! A...Ahhh..Chooo!!!!
Darn this cold!! Hope it goes away soon. Oh, and Steve passed his test!!! I'm so proud of him!


Victoria said...

Oh, I hope you feel better soon, but I do so admire the loving ways in which you take care of yourself! Those swedish pancakes are beautiful! (And so is LuLu!... I adore Beagles!)

Anonymous said...

the crepes look yummy

are you all over your cold


saffron said...

I also don't know who I enjoy more, Paul Newman or Robert Redford!!


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