26 June 2008

In with the old...

Steve and I attended a really cool vintage car exhibit last weekend. They also had a dog show, and rides, and some food vendors, so it was a really nice afternoon for us. It was in a small town just a 15 minute ride away called Bowmanville.

It was a really cool show Daddio!

I love looking at the inside of the cars, the details are amazing inside.

A great variety of cars from the 40's to the 70's.

and such fabulous colors like this tomato red and black 50's car.

Just check out that awesome striped seat! This one was for sale! I really wanted it, but alas it was not to be mine! Steve bought me an ice cream cone instead.

I love love love this turquoise model!

A tribute to that 50's singer Buddy Holly! That's me on the right side of the car, sighing and swooning and imaging myself cruising down mainstreet to American Grafiti tunes.

Speaking of vintage, I did score this lovely old case from a yard sale for 50 cents!! It looks really cool at the top of my stairs.


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Anonymous said...

Having fun reading of your blog.

berto xxx

Anonymous said...

that looks like a fun time

cool cars

funny about the ice cream cone


gilda said...

oh my. i love vintage cars. they're so pretty with lovely colors and great shapes!


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