02 July 2008


Steve and I spent Canada Day in Coburg, a cute little town, nicknamed 'Ontario's Feel Good Town'. There was a big festival there, with food vendors, rides, art show and market, plus a ton of people picnicing on or near the beach.

This house had the right spirit!

and a lovely shady porch to relax on.

I loved their house and property..

which had lots of various seating around.

This lovely house had a great idea with the flowing curtains on their pretty porch. I think I would do that to ours if it were facing a sunny side but since ours doesn't I don't think it's necessary. Love the look though.

Coburg has a population of only 19,000 and has many beautiful old homes. It's twin city is Coburg, Germany.

This one is just gorgeous...

and had a cute gargoyle guarding the front door.

Unfortunately, the parking nearby the festival was packed and we tried to squeeze into a space. The lady of the vechicle ahead of us was getting out of her car as Steve lightly bumped her fender. I swear I didn't even feel it touch! She screamed loudly and said 'MY CAR! You hit my car!"

We exchanged numbers and Steve got a quote from her today, a day later, that the scratch will cost $460.00 to repaint the whole fender....Oh maaan! This trip cost us a bit more than we thought! Steve is paying out of his pocket since his insurance premiums will go up if they pay. Oh well, things happen, well...in Steve's words it was 'Shite happens'.

On a lighter note, this pooch of ours got two ice cream cones (half eaten) from two nice older ladies sitting next to us on a bench...they were smitten with our Lulu Belle...

and she with them, for this wonderful treat!

There was a booth for wildlife preservation....with this amazing bird!

"Who, Who"...Who are you?"

A lovely day at the beach it was!! We ate chicken fajitas, ice cream, and raspberry slushes, walked on the beach until the lifeguard informed us that dogs were not allowed (boo) and then drove home at sunset. We missed the fireworks but we did have a splendid day!

Here's a short video of the beach for ya's!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun day
very unfortunate though about the car
lulu belle looks very happy

are you heading to oakville this weekend for a bbq

have fun


Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

that is really too bad about the car! How frustrating for you guys!
looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

hi c!


Dyan said...

Sorry to hear about your car. The house looks ever so cozy and your dog is having so much fun with the ice cream. They seem to love ice cream it seems, mine goes gaga for it.


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