07 July 2008

A cut above...

My new haircut!!! Voila!

It's fun and sassy. I got about 2 inches cut off! I have a new hair stylist actually..

ME!!!!! Yep! I cut my own hair. I saved myself a chunk of money and it was fun!! I have a really good pair of sewing scissors that are great for cutting hair so that helped mucho. I have always paid close attention to how stylists have cut my hair and so I thought I would have a go at it. I thought, if it turned out badly I could always go to a salon to have it fixed or wear a hat whenever I go out since it's summer. Luckily I didn't have to call a salon OR wear a hat. Yeah!
I may have a new career ahead of me....A HEAD....get it!!!

This is a picture of my arm last week. I am so sick of being bitten by those pesky mosquitoes. As you can see, the lower arm has a bite that is swollen. Yep, I get allergic reactions sometimes. Summer is not very enjoyable when you're constantly scratching yourself. I have been avoiding my yard lately because I am tired of being breakfast, lunch and dinner to a swarm of greedy little vampire bugs. Such a shame, since our yard looks so good now. I have tried bug repellents and wearing long sleeves and pants, socks and they still manage to get at me! Jeesh!


Rosebud Collection said...

You did a good job on the hair and I like the look..On the mosquitoes..try a little vanilla in water and rub on your skin before going outside..Now I am not promising they will leave you alone, but I was told that..Heck, you will have a nice smell with it, not like the other stuff. Worth a try..
Put vinegar on that bite..

Anonymous said...

super cute haircut!
i need my hair cut BADLY! it grows soooo fast...

i hate mosquitos...have you tried bug repellent with deet (even though its not supposed to be healthy for your skin, i think it's the most effective).
also, i've heard that if you put a dryer sheet in your pocket, it keeps the bugs away...i haven't tried it so it may be bogus, but a simple thing that could be worth a try!

Dyan said...

Hopefully the pesky bugs will leave you alone for the rest of the summer, little do they know the maverick scissor-lady their messing with!
Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

The hair looks great!
I feel like scratching just looking at your arm! OUCH!


Kristen said...

Cute cut, you did a great job! I cut mine too sometimes... who has the time(or $$)to go to a Salon :)

OneLuckyFish said...

Hey, I use myself as a hairstylist too! At least for the past 2 or 3 years. I went from a full length hair down my back to having to trim the nape of my neck ever week short the first time I cut my own hair... it was great! :P I also have a friend who is allergic to mosquitoes... she likes burts bees bug repellent bc it smells yummy and is all natural and works well. :)

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

I looooove your haircut! Very funky!!

Oh those horrible mosquito bites!! Hate them!!!


saffron said...

How cute your hair turned out! I cut mine sometimes, but don't do a very good job on the back. I need a new hair dresser.


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