24 January 2009

Come and party!!

Do you like to par-
taay? Well then, you're invited to join the fun over at:

Isabella is hosting an Etsy party! You can go there and get a link if you want to add it to your blog or
Etsy shop, plus you can join in by getting your shop listed! (great for promoting your shop) or if your looking to shop for fantastic one-of-a-kind jewelry, object's d'art, and all kinds of beautiful items!!! Also, as every good party goes, there are give-aways!!! So go check it out!

The party is from:
Monday Jan. 26 until Friday the 30

Five full days of celebrating the wonderful world of
Etsy!! Don't forget to invite all your friends too!

I've included a gift certificate for $10.00 in the give-away, and there are lots of other goodies to be given away too!
To enter for my giveaway, go visit my shops and let me know what your favorite item is, and leave me a comment!

Visit my Etsy shops now to see what you could get with the gift certificate if you win:

1 comment:

Bella Casa said...

Hi Tricia!

Thanks for telling your readers about the Etsy Party and thanks again for sponsoring it, too!

Your shop is a hit! :)


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