12 January 2009


I almost feel like hibernating with this cold snap that's a-coming. I think Lulu has the right idea!! I walked Lulu today, but boy oh boy was it a chilly one!! It's supposed to get much colder tomorrow and the rest of the week. I hope Lulu doesn't mind sleeping instead of walking this week!!

Stay tuned for more health news on 'Talk is Cheeep' in a few days folks!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Lulu looks sweet and restful!

Mr. Rush said...

Nothing like a cozy place to be during a cold snap.

ThePeachTree said...

Aw, I have the hardest time not curling up with the kitties when they're in full on passed out mode on the bed!

nathalie said...

What a sweet picture of Lulu!
It sure is cccccccold out there!
Stay warm Pat,

Anonymous said...

i'm hibernating and loving it, a nice comfy house and plenty of hot cocoa is the way to go at this time
of the year


CraftE-Blog said...

What an adorable pic! My pooch doesn't want to go outside at all with this cold weeather!

Bella Casa said...

I stumbled this post for you, Tricia! How adorable is LuLu??? Too cute@!

MsAnomaly said...

Lulu SO has the right idea! Flash has been sleeping a lot more since the weather has been so cold!

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