20 January 2009

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Southern Ontario, or SoOn, as I like to refer to it, has had massive amounts of snow fall. In Whitby especially we received 30 cm of snow, as compared to Toronto which had about 23 cm, in the past week! We ARE all tired of waking up to seeing more snow, that is except for Miss Lulu, the dog who adores snow. I think we are getting some more in a few days. Poor Steve (he is the official snow shoveler in our house, as i am excused because of a bad back).

On one of our latest walks to the park, Lulu dove into nearly knee high snow drifts, and I had to convince her to leave the park which hadn't had a path cleared. I swear this dog is in love with snow.
When we let her out for bathroom breaks in the backyard, she will climb up and down the snow mountain, a pile of snow from shoveling, and wander around the backyard playing and sniffing around.
Lulu is watching Steve carry the Christmas boxes to the garage. We finally got all the Christmas decorations taken down, and packed up (an all day job), and vacuumed a million pine needles from the house. Why is it I keep finding needles every day!!! Oh well, the needles will eventually be vacuumed up, and when I see some, I am reminded of the memories of Christmas...awww!

This grinning cat mug is my favorite hot chocolate mug! It is extra large and a pretty turquoise blue inside.
Hot chocolate is a MUST this time of year. A hot cup of steaming chocolate is what gets me through these long winter months. I go the extra mile with mine, by adding real whipped cream (light calorie) and rainbow rounds. They make your hot chocolate experience more special...
.....and pretty! When Lulu hears the can of whipped cream being used, she will run to the kitchen and look at me with big brown pleading eyes. I always give her a couple of squirts of the cream, because yes, she is a very spoiled and greedy beagle! I hope you're all drinking lots of hot chocolate!
Oh, and I just got a new look for my blog, this lovely wallpaper from a site called 'The cutest blog on the block'.

p.s. This is a very special day, as everyone knows, the inauguration of the 44Th president of the United States!!! I'm off to watch the ceremony, an historic occasion. Hurray for OBAMA! Let's hope the United States sees some good changes during his presidency.


nathalie said...

hey, I buy the exact same whip cream.
Are we really getting more snow? Oh no, not again! I don't like driving when it is snowing.
Stay warm Pat

Anonymous said...

LOVE the background! I noticed it right away and was like "how'd she do that?!?!?!". now i know! i gotta check out the other backgrounds...

it's been snowing a TON in new york the past week...snow-globe like snowing!!

Mr. Rush said...

I miss the snow.

MsAnomaly said...

Love how you put the wintry photos followed by the smiling cat mug and whipped cream! Whipped cream is so versatile...on hot cocoa in winter, and on top of ice cream in summer. Gotta love it! :0)

splendid said...

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