05 January 2009

new year...new blog

Okay, so I've done something new already this year....A brand spanking new blog. It's a journal-type blog called 'Talk is Cheeep', which I've been contemplating for a few months now, and I've finally got it started the other day.

So, here it is.........Da ta TA taAAAA!! Presenting my new blog:

*********TALK IS CHEEEP*********

I would love to know what you think of it! Does it suck? Do you like the look? etc. etc. I am not adverse to getting some feedback, postitive or ...ahem, negative (you wouldn't be too negative i hope??!). I probably need to jazz it up abit more. I'm still debating on whether I should post photos or just save that stuff for 'Carried Away'.

I appreciate any comments, feedback, suggestions and ideas. Praise and compliments also welcome. (I'm vain okay, I crave attention!!)


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