16 December 2010

Have yourselves a Merry lil Christmas!

I'm posting some Christmas-y photos of my recent trip to Scandinavia. I will post more sometime during the holiday season. This one above is a Christmas market called 'Skansen' in Stockholm, Sweden. The little girl in pink made this shot.

A shop in Copenhagen. Note the fish in the window.

This little Christmas gnome in a shop window in Stockholm is so cute.

A department store in Stockholm.

May your days be merry and bright, like this beautiful tree in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. I was most fortunate to see the world's oldest ferris wheel from the 1800's. See below.

Nice shop in Copenhagen in the Nyhaven area, the harbour with a bunch of cafes and shops along each side of the canal.

Cute dollhouse Santa.
and this Santa in a bakery caught my eye. Note the piggys!

This is my sis Cathy and i at our Dublin hotel.


Anonymous said...

looks like you and cathy had a really nice trip, lots of cute fun things to see and photograph.


tricia said...

yes we did indeedy!

Anonymous said...

cute little girl in 1st pic!


nathalie said...

Christmas season in Europe is so beautiful!
Glad to know you and Cathy had a great trip!

FrumsGlass said...

I love the beautiful photos! Traveling during the holidays is extra special. You and your sister are so cute.


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