18 August 2007


Sorry, but i just could'nt resist!! Fun at the expensive of humiliating my poor grey cat Edie! But i am feeling quite pooped lately! I don't want to do anything, and i can't even blame the heat and humidity of summer anymore, because it is really cooled down lately. I've been sleeping with my blankie at night, and stopped reading the paper on the deck in the morning because it's too breezy. Fall is starting early this year! I've been trying to sew some new bags and organizing my studio plus getting the house back in order after the terrible insulation project. I still want to do the following:
  1. Paint the fireplace white (currenntly a med. toned wood, that is boring)
  2. Reorganize the sunroom again (it has fallen into the messy zone once again)
  3. Paint a wall in my studio a 50's turqoise green
  4. Paint out the knotty pine on the kitchen island and the tops of the kitchen stools to match.
  5. Finish painting the trim in the livingroom and master bedroom (currently a dull cream, that needs to be a crisp white

Now, if only i could find the energy to do these projects!!! If you would like to come and help me, feel free to visit!

I leave you with photos of Long Pt. Beach and Port Dover, my favorite August destinations. We only live an hour and a half from there but we are so busy with the house, we have'nt had a chance to visit yet. These pictures were taken one year ago....

I would love to here right now!

Sunset at Port Dover

and here i am with my new glasses and haircut. I colored my hair myself to save some moolah, but it won't stay this red for long, red tends to fade out within a month, but it will still look reddish after that. I love the glasses but i may have to take them back since they are quite heavy on my nose! What do you think of them?


leslie said...

i love the glasses! and the hair looks fab : )

i would so love to meet up with while i'm in toronto, just don't want to put you out as i'll be working weekdays and my sister is coming to spend the weekend with me. maybe we could meet for dinner or a drink?

A Fanciful Twist said...

I love the glasses!! Oh, if only i could go red too!!!

Love the beach. Alas, it is 110 here and no coolness in sight... xoxoxo

Steph said...

Love the cut and color! Great glasses too. I really need to get new ones myself - I am inspired by your rectangles.

Felicia said...

I'd love to be there right now too. I miss the beach. Your glasses and hair are cute.

risa said...

you look adorable! i love the hair and the glasses. but if they are too heavy you should take them back...i think you can find something similar that are lighter. i freakin' love glasses!

C said...

Ya cute glasses, but get lighter ones in the same shape, what a headache you can get from that pain from uncomfortable glasses

Oh man, I don't remember palm trees at Long Point! Where did they come from????
Maybe we will all be able to have a reunion there in the next few years


Anonymous said...

oh i LOVE the glasses! but, i am rather partial to funky artsy glasses since i've been wearing glasses since elementary school!

i'd say keep 'em! but, then again, if they hurt, maybe get a lighter version!

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Tricia :)

Just posted and don`t think it worked. But if you have double me....you`1l know why :)
Used to go to both places as a kid.
Love the colour of your hair with that green top!



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