29 June 2011

Cottage trip

My husband and i went to his Uncle's cottage on Lake Rideau ...it's on the way to Ottawa, about an hour and a bit from the capitol city. It's only a 40 minute drive to St. Lawrence river.

This is the view from the dock. Nice huh?

We were delighted to see this hummingbird getting his sweet water from the feeder.

More shots of the hummingbird.

Alvin chipmunk was very sociable and ran around the deck as quick as a wink, and even jumped on Steven's leg for a moment. Cute.

We took the afternoon to explore the town of Brockville, it is on the St. Lawrence river. Land of the Thousand Lakes.

This is Canada's first train tunnel.

A lovely apt in downtown Brockville. I loved the Parisian-like balconies. Click on the photo to view the first floor balcony, it is just lovely!

So, we had a nice cottage stay for two nights, and were happy that the mosquitoes and bugs were not too bad. The lake was freezing, but Steven jumped in a few times. I was to chicken, but i did put my feet in and after 5 minutes i took them out ...it was too cold for moi.

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