08 January 2011


My sister and i were in Dublin for the first leg of our trip. It was like being home with all the snow and slush, ice and cold. It was much colder than we anticipated and we were told that it was unusual weather for late November. The snow was a problem for the city and the airport, where we got stranded for a nightmarish 25 hours! We met a very sweet lady from London who made our time at the airport pass much quicker, with her bubbly personality and sweet nature. People such as her really do make the world a better place! This women, with the rose-colored glasses showed me how to make the most out of a poor situation. Great that we met our friend, whom we will write to now!

I am or may not add a note with each photo, oh, and i do recommend you click on each photo for best viewing.

Finn's Hotel

Trinity College

The Haf' Penny Bridge

The Temple Bar

Molly McGuire and leprechaun

Trinity College, where we saw the amazing illuminated manuscripts 'Book of Kells'.

I didn't get that many good shots of Dublin i'm afraid. I had to delete many a shaky shot.

But...i have more great photos of Scandinavia...coming soon!


FrumsGlass said...

I really enjoyed your great photos. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

Melody said...

That's super spiffy! I'd love to go to Ireland some day.


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