18 January 2007


I've been tagged by Leslie to do a meme. So I have to come up with a list of 5 things about myself, not revealed in my blog. What I did was take the first two words of each of Leslie's list and then fill in the blanks.

Here goes nuthin:

1. I enjoy watching really dumb tv shows like 'Wife Swap' and 'America's Funniest Home Videos'. Reality shows are good for a laugh or two. (OOhh, the embarassment!)

2. I like to stay up late. Yes, I'm going through a 'night owl phase' right now, lately going to bed after 1:00 pm. I like the solitude and peacefulness, no phones ringing or interruptions of any kind.

3. I love New York City. I've been there about 8 or maybe 9 times since 1990, lost count, and there's just something about it I can't get enough of, the food, the people, the galleries and museums, the whole atmosphere, is exciting and inspiring. I heart this city so much, i almost moved there once but decided it was going to be too tough to live illegally.

4. I have (on the same vein as no.3) met a celebrity and had a convo with Woody Allen, who was with Soon Yi walking past the Guggenheim and I ran after him, he stopped and we chatted for a couple of minutes, my sister took photos, and I got his autograph. It was in the summer of 2000 and all very surreal,and afterwards I took the camera to the photo place only to be told that the film got ruined. My brush with fame was alas, not captured on film, but I do have his autograph.

5. I had a fear of dentists as a child. I once bit a dentist who refused to treat me after that (smart move). I was referred to a special dentist for bad children (hehe). I have'nt bitten a dentist since though.

Gee THIS was fun!! I tag: Vanessa, Tatjana, Victoria, Risa and Diane. Carol, Cathy and Nathalie, you can join it too, but since you don't have blogs, you can email me and I'll post it in my blog.


tatjana said...

Hey Tricia, thanks for the tostada recipe - they look so yummy! I wish I could go to Mexico too, but that's true of me almost always. I'm heading to bed soon, but I'll post my list tomorrow :)

Vanessa said...

Hi, I did my due diligence. I answered my five, but, I forgot to tag other people. I will tag other people in tomorrow;s post...I hope I di okay????

risa said...

i'll play tomorrow. fun!

cruststation said...

I am in a 'Wife Awap' watching phase at the moment too :) Hope to visit NY one day, sounds amazing.


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