02 January 2007

new books!

I'm overwhelmed with inspiration after receiving some great books for Christmas, and although I have'nt yet had much time to read them, I feel excited about my new sewing and craft projects plus some new decorating projects for the house in the coming year. I'm sure to get alot of fabulous ideas and inspiration from these amazing books. I also received the latest Audrey Hepburn treasure book - 'pictures and mementos from a life of style and purpose' and two cook books which I'll post next time. I just wish I had more time to leisurely go through each and every book. I guess I can choose one book at a time and try to reserve an hour a day to do so. So now I just have to decide which one to start off with.
this is what I made for New Years Day - Salmon Coulibiac - a russian yuletide recipe, it resembles a parcel and is red (salmon) and green (spinach). I made a lemon dill sauce to accompany. I also served Gluhwein, a german mulled wine.


leslie said...

oooooh, i'm a sucker for salmon, that looks delicious!

miss honey hollingsworth said...

Great looking site: Tish darling, I just love the purchases; the milk creamers are gorgeous, and the little purse is tres adorable!

love the photos; the dog sweet too!

Thanks for a lovely time on our last visit; honey beauchamps fitz hollingsworth-Huntington III


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