09 January 2007

Thrifty Thursday

For my Thrifty Thursday post, I have included all the goodies I've found recently at my fave thrift stores in Whitby.

these beautiful antique creamers, the pearl grey creamer is made in Japan, and the blue and white one is made in England

this cigar box purse - very cute!

these cute Christmas ornament drums from Japan, and the prettiest saucer I've ever seen.

the sugar bowl on right is the latest addition to my silver-plated collection.

this gorgeous tray is now my spoon rest on the stove.

and this cutie is Harley, our friends dog, who is kind of like the thrift store items, he's old (14) but a real treasure. I walk him when I have time.


tatjana said...

What awesome finds!! I'm especially in love with the saucer. I can't wait til I'm back in Canada and can check out these stores - it'll make a visit to my brother (in Whitby) even more exciting ;)

carolyn said...

What really beautiful finds of course Harley is absolutely the best!


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