12 January 2007

Did somebody say 'tea party'?

chinese white tea and a few leftover Christmas treats

please excuse the dark circles...I was too lazy to apply concealer today
I just got this extra large orchid teacup and it's too heavy to stick out my pinky!

P-a-r-tea-Y?......BECAUSE I GOTTA! ( a bit of Jim Carrey humor there, y'know...'The Mask'). Okay silliness aside, I heard about this international tea party from this gal's blog and I thought I would join in.
I heart tea so very much, it's a great beverage, and I have to say my hands down favorite kind is Earl Grey, followed closely by ginger and then green tea. I find that by using a fine bone china cup, it really does enhance the flavor alot, since tea is a delicate drink. In the news yesterday I was surprized to learn that by adding milk to tea you lose the antioxidant benefits. I love milk with my Earl Grey tea, although I do drink green and ginger tea straight, so at least I'm getting the benefits sometimes.

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

I heart tea too. I am doing tea again today. I'd love a little nibble of those treats youhave there...


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