12 January 2007

fashion friday

Whilst walking through a chilly Yorkville in Toronto yesterday I was inspired to take these photos:

this top is lovely, I want it! It looks so cute with jeans or a skirt.

i heart this sweater so much, it's Benetton and I was too scared to check it out since I might get into credit card trouble.

forgot which store this was, but one of those tres expensive ones where you have to mortgage the house to purchase. The beading on these jeans is fantastic!
(click on photo to see the detailing)


Shell said...

ooooh... LOVE those jeans! Cool pics!

Anonymous said...

Just saying a great big HI!


Tricia said...

Hi back Diane, and hi shell.
Thanks for vising...come back soon!

risa said...

hey tricia! of course you can add me! hope you're having a great weekend...

tatjana said...

Ooh Yorkville...dangerous ;) Those jeans really are great. So glad you made it to the tea party too! That orchid cup is gorgeous.


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