08 January 2007

I bought this orchid at the corner store - love love love the colors. I always want to have flowers on my kitchen counter and I used to think I had to spend a lot of money but it can be inexpensive. This orchid was only $2 and the last flower I got was this red gerber daisy for $3, which I added a couple sprigs of pine to for a nice effect. I put the orchid in an old Dr. Pepper bottle and it tilts to one side but it looks so nice with just the one stem. You don't have to buy a whole bouquet. Luckily, my corner store is part florist shop so everytime I'm in there I love to check out the flowers. I would love to get a 'heather' plant next time. I love it's delicate little purple sprays - a bit more expensive at $8 but it will last a good while. At the grocery store I picked up a beautiful little tropical plant for only $4 in a cute red tulip shaped pot - it sits on my kitchen window. Flowers make me so happy - they cheer me up instantly. When Steve and I were dating he would bring me flowers every weekend without fail. He said he loved how happy I looked when I open the door and was presented with them, and they were usually mums or carnations, maybe daisies sometimes. I just got this glass bowl and I'm itching to plant a spring bulb and watch it bloom, maybe some paperwhite narcisuss. I love to watch plants and flowers grow and bloom - it's exciting and satisfying to see the progress but a bit sad to watch it wilt and die. Like life, I guess.


n said...

Oh, how sweet that was! At our corner store, they only sell big bouquets so very expensive. I too love flowers and they really make me happy as well.

Tricia said...

Thats too bad about your corner store - maybe you could ask them if they would consider selling single blooms.
Hope your feeling better Nat. I know your greiving over your dear uncle and I'm thinking about you.


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