06 January 2007

Breakfast at Mimi's

yummy blintzes

El vez omelette with maple cheddar

kitchy collection

Tomorrow we are being treated to breakfast at Mimi's (see above) for the most scrumptious blintzes on the planet for me and the famous 'El Vez' omelette for Steve. His omelette has Mimi's homemade chili and maple cheddar cheese while my blintzes are filled with fresh farmers cheese and sided with fresh fruit, sour cream and her homemade fruit compote. Can't wait!
We try to get there by 10:00 to beat the crowd, and even though Mimi's diner is sort of a hidden gem in Toronto, it is quite small, with 3 booths and seating for 7 at the counter. Mimi collects alot of vintagey stuff, including her collection of chickens, eggs and roosters. The place gets pretty lively with Mimi chatting away to customers while cooking up a storm, and the tv bolted to the wall plays 80's videos. It is probably our favorite brunch spot in all of Toronto. They also make a lovely latte. It's definetely worth getting up early on Sunday for Mimi's.
God, I love a good breakfast!

Mr. grumpy pants Steve before his coffee.


Anonymous said...

Is that the same mimi's on bathurst or is it a new one?
looks yummy


Tricia said...

Yes, it's the same Mimi's on Baththurst, below Queen St. Mama really likes it too.
We had a very nice breakfast!

tatjana said...

ha ha! Matthias gets that too...we call it his 'coffee and toast face' because he not only needs coffee, but is hungry to boot. The breakfast looks great, maple cheddar - YUM!!


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