05 January 2007

tea time

from left: brandy molasses lace roll-ups, gingerbread, chocolate shortbread and fruitcake hermits.

My holiday cookies are dwindling down - I've been enjoying having them with my afternoon tea. I need a cup every afternoon to revive me from midday lethargy.
I still have'nt used my Kitchen Aid processor - Steve is asking me when I'm going to use it, so I'd better find a recipe. I am using our crock pot today, making Chicken Caciatore. I hope it turns out good - it's bubbling away now, the fragrant aroma of oregano and thyme, garlic and onion are filling the house. Oh darn, I forgot to buy mozzerella to melt on top. I do have some asiago cheese I could grate on top instead. Steve just came through the door and said "It smells nice in here". So I can just leave it in the pot for the next 4-6 hours on low, have myself another cuppa tea and leaf through the latest issue of 'Country Living'.


leslie said...

damn, i love asiago cheese and can't seem to find it here. those cookies look amaaaaaaazing!

tacdesigns said...

Yummy cookies!!!


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