26 January 2007

the coldest night of the year

Yesterday was supposedly the coldest night of the year. Archie and Eddie have noticed the house is now colder since our latest deep freeze. They spend alot of time cuddled by the heat registars. They even snuck into the armoire today. I looked everywhere for them and finally found them in there, nestled amongst all my winter woolies - mittens and scarves.
The temperature outside is very cold - about minus 17c with the wind chill.
I'm dreaming of spring and wishing we could afford to fly away somewhere warm. Steve has been checking for deals but so far there is nothing good yet. So for those of you in the same boat, stay warm, drink hot beverages and snuggle under your blankies until this weather improves.

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, use it often, as we have been lately. Archie sure loves it.


n said...

Those cats are adorable!

Tricia said...

yah... my snuggle bunnies, as i call them. i love when i'm lying down on the sofa with a blanket and archie will lie on my legs while Eddie lies on my tummy - their sooooo warm.

Vanessa said...

I am not handling the cold very well this year at all. Yesterday I was at the pottery studio throwing pots and teeny tiny plates and my hands were so frozen, I could hardly move.. My bones atually hirt from the cold.....Sometimes catlike fur doesn't sound half bad.. But could you imagine the wax job we'd need in the summer?? YYyeeeeOUCH

tatjana said...

Our kitties will hardly go outside anymore, even though it's not nearly as cold (1C today). But it's nice to have them inside to snuggle with :) Your tulips make me long for spring though!

Anonymous said...

We had warm chocolately hot coacos last night, yum!
One thing about the winter, it's fun snuggling under the covers at night.

It's funny even though it's the coldest time of the year I still go bare foot most of the time.


I'm sure your wearing your socks

Anonymous said...

oh ya,

Cute pic of oeddie and archie too!


Tricia said...

vanessa: cat fur? hmmm...waxing is painful enough, i don't want to contemplate doing my whole body.lol
tatjana: i would love to see pics of your cats...
carol: i had the hot cocoa too yesterday, the raspberry one you sent and made fresh whipped cream.. whoa, it was like dessert1
bare feet in winter?? yikes.. maybe you have hot feet, mine are always cold.

risa said...

i would love to snuggle up with those cute cats!

leslie said...

oh, the fire looks so inviting! what a wonderful perk of chilly winter nights.

Anonymous said...

Oeddie and Archie are big hits wih the ladies!


Tricia said...

how could anyone resist those cute little monkies!

Carol said...

hey P,

you should do before and after pics with your new flat iron.


just an idea to see how it works


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