31 July 2009

Feel Good Friday!!

Get your toes ready for tapping to ......... B O N G O R O C K ! !

And enjoy the super cool cartoon! I am a bongo novice...I bought myself one years ago and I occasionally beat them when I feel the urge to rock out with a cool song like this one. I wish I had learned to play with a drum kit...someday I would like to buy a kit and take a few lessons, although Steve will not be happy if that happens..he thinks I have a poor sense of rhythm. Ah well!

23 July 2009

3rd Anniversary!!

Yes, it's my blogging anniversary folks! In 2006 I started this thing, and little did i know then that I would still be at it 3 years later!

Here are my first few posts (sans comments)
July 2006 posts

It's been fun, and I love doing it still. Sometimes I may not be in the mood to do it, but eventually I find myself anxious to do a post about something that interests me, whether it be on my designing......

gardening (I'm a fairweather gardener and a novice)

or my pets...

Edie (1994-2008)


and lovely Lulu!

Steven and our house projects....


my travels.....

or my favorite subject matter: FOOD!

Here's to blogging! I'll lift my virtual champagne flute to you and toast to another year or so of blogging!

******************************* >(^^)< *************************************

On a side note, the 'itty bitty kitty committee has reached it's goal of 20 squillion dollars!! Thanks to Tattytiara for matching my donation!! She is the give-away winner of Hare-old Bunny! Congrats Joanna!!!
Go see the celebration here:
the ittybittykitty committee

18 July 2009


Enjoy this sunny song for feel good friday!

13 July 2009

scenes from a porch

I think Archie wants to go on the porch...let's go too.

Ahhh....looks like a nice day outside.. great for porch sitting.

oops! almost forgot....Lulu likes to hang out there too!

But she has to be tethered or she may run after some cute boy doggie walking by.

Lulu is resting in her favorite spot on the wicker love seat...

This is Steve's favorite place to study.
Here's a place to put your iced coffee..

and some citronella to ward off those pesky s'quitos. I up cycled this olive jar adding a pretty ribbon.

This is relaxing.
I planted geraniums and impatiens for porch prettiness.

I scored the white wicker love seat from craigslist for a sweet price.

Enjoy your summer! I will be in my fave room of the house.

07 July 2009

Charit-eh for Kitt-ehs

One of my fave blogs 'The itty bitty kitty committee is having a fundraiser for the Tacoma, WA humane society. I have donated a bit myself, with funds from my shop, and any donation is welcome, no matter how itty bitty!
Laurie is helping them with their goal of $15,000, and the current total is just under $12,000.

I challenge all the kitty lovers to match my donation of $7.00 Anyone who matches my donation will be entered into a draw for 'Hare-old' bunny' (who has a big heart himself) from my Etsy shop. Total value is $14 with shipping, $17.00!!!!
So, c'mon kitty peeple...and donate to a good cause!! To make a donation go to my sidebar where the 'FirstGiving' donation link is located. Click on it and it will take you to the donation page.

(When you donate I will add your name to a list here, which will be the list of people who are entered into the draw which will be at the end of July. You can leave a comment telling me you donated something.)

The people entered in the Give-Away:

Tatty Tiara

The people who are donating items with proceeds to the IBKC:

Two Stray Cats
Jazzies Junque

And, speaking of big hearts, I watched the MJ memorial today...such a wonderful tribute, with Michael's songs and the speeches....I was misty-eyed when his daughter Paris spoke...so sad for his kids, who miss their Father.

04 July 2009

Happy 4th of JULY!!

I just want to wish all my Americano relatives and friends a Happy Independence Day!
The photos here are from our computer room/study. It sort of has an American theme going on with pics of NYC, an ode to Hollywood and patriotism.

I hope you all have a nice day with bbq's and fireworks!

God Bless America and You!


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