23 July 2009

3rd Anniversary!!

Yes, it's my blogging anniversary folks! In 2006 I started this thing, and little did i know then that I would still be at it 3 years later!

Here are my first few posts (sans comments)
July 2006 posts

It's been fun, and I love doing it still. Sometimes I may not be in the mood to do it, but eventually I find myself anxious to do a post about something that interests me, whether it be on my designing......

gardening (I'm a fairweather gardener and a novice)

or my pets...

Edie (1994-2008)


and lovely Lulu!

Steven and our house projects....


my travels.....

or my favorite subject matter: FOOD!

Here's to blogging! I'll lift my virtual champagne flute to you and toast to another year or so of blogging!

******************************* >(^^)< *************************************

On a side note, the 'itty bitty kitty committee has reached it's goal of 20 squillion dollars!! Thanks to Tattytiara for matching my donation!! She is the give-away winner of Hare-old Bunny! Congrats Joanna!!!
Go see the celebration here:
the ittybittykitty committee


MsAnomaly said...

Love the new look of your blog, Tricia! Great photos (I SOOOOO want those boots)! Happy blogger anniversary! :0)

tricia said...

Thanks Linda...I didn't get those boots, but I sure wish I had!

nathalie said...

Happy anniversary Pat! Congrats! I love all your picture especially the one of your pets and the one of you and Cathy.

Anonymous said...

hey that's funny i was thinking the same thing to write as nat!

ya, that is a great pic of you and cathy (i guess that's on your ottawa trip this year)
(i thought that was me for a minute when i was in my 20's)


congrats on your anniversary!


tricia said...

Thanks Nat and Carol!

Wow C...I must have had the camera on soft focus...plus i have sunglasses on, which explains looking like you at 20 something! I wish!

nina kuriloff said...

Continue your blogging journey!!!

Anonymous said...

40 something looking 20 something, hey, if you've got it and you're aging well, take the compliments and feel happy you're one of the lucky ones.


Anonymous said...

oh i should have said cathy looks great too, 50 looking 30 something, pretty good genes!



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