07 July 2009

Charit-eh for Kitt-ehs

One of my fave blogs 'The itty bitty kitty committee is having a fundraiser for the Tacoma, WA humane society. I have donated a bit myself, with funds from my shop, and any donation is welcome, no matter how itty bitty!
Laurie is helping them with their goal of $15,000, and the current total is just under $12,000.

I challenge all the kitty lovers to match my donation of $7.00 Anyone who matches my donation will be entered into a draw for 'Hare-old' bunny' (who has a big heart himself) from my Etsy shop. Total value is $14 with shipping, $17.00!!!!
So, c'mon kitty peeple...and donate to a good cause!! To make a donation go to my sidebar where the 'FirstGiving' donation link is located. Click on it and it will take you to the donation page.

(When you donate I will add your name to a list here, which will be the list of people who are entered into the draw which will be at the end of July. You can leave a comment telling me you donated something.)

The people entered in the Give-Away:

Tatty Tiara

The people who are donating items with proceeds to the IBKC:

Two Stray Cats
Jazzies Junque

And, speaking of big hearts, I watched the MJ memorial today...such a wonderful tribute, with Michael's songs and the speeches....I was misty-eyed when his daughter Paris spoke...so sad for his kids, who miss their Father.


tattytiara said...

If you say it's a good cause that's good enough for me, girl.

tricia said...

awwwww TATTY! You is the bestest of Kitt-eh peeps!

Anonymous said...

nice new look to the site

and good pic of MJ!
ya, wasn't it really sad at times during the MJ memorial, it's like he's reached immortal status.
hard to believe 2 weeks ago now at this time he was about to leave this earth.


tricia said...

thanks sis! i have been tweaking it here and there.
yes, hard to believe the King of Pop is gone. He's moon walking in heaven now.


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