13 July 2009

scenes from a porch

I think Archie wants to go on the porch...let's go too.

Ahhh....looks like a nice day outside.. great for porch sitting.

oops! almost forgot....Lulu likes to hang out there too!

But she has to be tethered or she may run after some cute boy doggie walking by.

Lulu is resting in her favorite spot on the wicker love seat...

This is Steve's favorite place to study.
Here's a place to put your iced coffee..

and some citronella to ward off those pesky s'quitos. I up cycled this olive jar adding a pretty ribbon.

This is relaxing.
I planted geraniums and impatiens for porch prettiness.

I scored the white wicker love seat from craigslist for a sweet price.

Enjoy your summer! I will be in my fave room of the house.


nathalie said...

Oh wow Pat. I've always wanted a porch like that. Yours is so lovely and cozy!

Kristen Sara said...

That looks like the most wonderful porch ever! I don't let me cats outside because I'm afraid they'd never want to come back in!


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