12 November 2009

5 + photos a day

This next series of photos are of the wonderful coffee in Seattle! I originally was just going to show 5 photos a day of my trip....but i added some more today since i had many shots of coffee...um, no pun intended!

Some of the coffee places are nameless, and i apologize since i forgot to get a card or remember the names of places.

This coffee shop had a french flair...oui oui! It had amazing sweet buns and every day they feature a bun of a certain flavour.

This was a great afternoon pick-me-up....a delicious bun and a mochachino made with a homemade dark chocolate syrup...it was gooooood!

How do you spell coffee? Does it start with an 'S'?

This is the original Starbucks coffee shop, started in 1971 i was told. They started out just selling just the beans back then. I went inside but didn't order anything, as i had just finished a mochachino at Stella's on 1st Ave.

Across from Pike Place Market.

Inside the original Starbucks. i was going to buy a mug for a souvenir..but didn't want to carry it around all day, so i didn't get one...darn darn darn!

One morning we walked to Pike Place Mk. and had a latte and some french pastries for a decadent breakie! Tarts, croissants and neapolitan.

Stella coffee house was my fave! It was on 1st Ave on the way to Pike Place Mk and it was the perfect coffee place...great music, nice baristas, and a cool vibe. Brick walls, hardwood floors, a fabulous chandelier, marble tables and red walls. Plus i got to chat with the owner, who witnessed me snapping photos and asked me if i was working for Starbucks..hehe.

2 mochachino's for pick-up

We asked the barrista why there were so many coffee houses in Seattle. She said the rainy weather was a definite factor. We were lucky, since we had two full days of sun though, but our last day was rainy, blustery and destroyed my favorite umbrella.

Tomorrow's photos: The Space Needle!

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Seeing the photos of Seattle coffee houses - wonderful!


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