11 November 2009

5 photos a day

Here are the food photos of my Seattle trip. I wish i had taken more food photos, but once the food was in front of me, i noshed immediately, and forgot to take the photo. Ah well! My sister and I also went on a 3-hour culinary nosh with the Seattle Savour Food Tour. We sampled food and beverage from lots of interesting restaurants which included a tour of the Pike brewery, Frans chocolate shop and Gelatiamo.

(*Tip: I highly recommend clicking on each image to get a better view.)

Fran's Chocolates.
We loved the grey salt caramel the best!
Glad i got some to bring home. The caramel doesn't stick to your teeth, it is a softer kind.

The gelato at Gelatiamo was great...so many flavors.... we tried the Raspberry and the Chocolate chip...they were tres scrumptous!

Dungeness crab sandwich...tons of crabmeat with organic tomatoes and lots of cheddar on a homemade bun...wow! So filling and delicious!

This was a very decadent version of mac and cheese with lots of crabmeat on top. It was also very good! At a nice cafe on Bainbridge Island.

If you are familiar with local chef Tom Douglas, he owns about 6 restaurants in Seattle...his latest resto is 'Serious Pie' and folks, this pizza pie was seriously one of the best pies i have ever had the pleasure of eating. The dough was unlike anything i had ever had, light enough to float off the plate. This was some amazing pie!!!

*Other food worthy of mention, the risotto with clams at II Bistro right in Pikes Place Market.
*The best chili in the city at The Hole in the Wall, located just near the Smith Building.

Tommorrow's photos: Coffee!!! You probably know that Seattle is the coffee mecca of the USA. There certainly was no shortage of coffee shops there!


tattytiara said...

I have a pot of steamed broccoli and some hamburger I'm finishing up before the buns go bad. It wasn't that appetizing before I read this post, now it makes me want to cry!

I would die for a slice of that pie - simply die!

MsAnomaly said...

can't post; drooling! :0)


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