23 February 2009

Mexico trip 2009 part uno

I was fortunate enough this month to be taken to Mexico by my mucho generous sister, and I have to say I am seriously in love with this country! This was my third trip to Mexico and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially having a break from the winter, exchanging the ice, snow and cold temperatures for sand, surf and hot sun. We spent a week in Playa Del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera, which I had visited about 5 years ago with Steven. I took well over 500 photos, and I am going to show you the best photos in dos partos.

Here goes part uno:

Not sure what this sign says, but you don't see the Eiffel tower much in Playa del Carmen.

Cute recycling person
Cute coffee and tobacco shop
Cute juice cart boy.

Not sure what Esquites is, but it looks rather strange.

Breakfast (Desayuno) at the hotel Toturgu in Playa.

Nice waiter and nice sister.

Very nice pool at Hotel Tortuga in Playa.

Paletas are delicious Popsicles with fruit.

Refreshing paletas in berry, line, chocolato, guava, pineapple, mango etc.

Two local residents enjoying a late night paleta! They recommended the coconut or guava.

5Th Ave in Playa Del Carmen. Lots of cafes, shopping and tourists, and aggressive shop owners who want your dinero.

Delicious coconut ice cream.

More of 5Th Ave.

Stairway to a great restaurant. Great Candle display!

Colorful lantern in a restaurant.

Chile rellano...muy bueno!! Que Rico!!!

Mojitos! My favorite Mexican drink.

Beautiful hotel with beautiful flora.

Some were vine covered.

Beautiful mosaics everywhere....

and shops too!
Gelato! Yummmmm!

Mucho gelato flavors! I had the limon.

More street decoration...

Our favorite cafe near the hotel....Ah Cacao. The best Iced Espresso Frappe I have ever had!

Cute delivery cube van outside the Cacao cafe.

View from across the cafe.

Our hotel, La Tortuga.

View from our balcony.

Our simple and beautiful room.

Relaxing by the hotels' pool. It was like swimming in a maze, much more fun than the usual boxy shaped pools.
The hotel had beautiful flower displays like these Gerber daisy heads floating in this wooden planter.
Street musician. He had a great voice and great guitar playing too.

Two very happy sisters after margaritas...

...and before eating this amazing shrimp dish.

and lobster....um, it was as good as it looks too!

Mexican pottery...amazing sinks.

Time for a iced americano coffee at Java Joes.

Lots and lots of Taco shops.

Like this VW bus renovated into a taco kitchen. Muy Kitchy!

Fish tacos ... bueno!!

Chicken and Pork tacos.

The amazing cook in the VW bus.

Groovy baby!Great floor at the taco bus!

On the beach, we saw this lighthouse, but unfortunately no admittance.

The beach was open though.

We walked along the salty Carribean sea...

and discovered treasures in the sand.

Sailboats lined the shore...

...dotted with umbrellas and chairs, palm trees and sand castles....

and fathers burying their children in the sand up to their heads.

Ninas making sand balls.

Fun at the beach.

The sand at Playa Del Carmen's beach is cool on the feet, because of the sea's calcium coral.

Refreshed feet.

Hot dogs!! (couldn't resist that pun).

Beautiful hotel in Playa.

Pretty mural.
Pretty cafe near the beach.

Part dos coming manana....or a few days!


Nancy said...

Looks like you had a great time! I sued to live in Cancun. Esquites are little cups with corn, cheese, sour cream, salt and chili powder I believe. I miss Mexican food :(

MsAnomaly said...

Great photos, Tricia, and how beautiful there! Everything is so colorful, even the food. The beach is gorgeous, and I like the unusual pool at your hotel! So glad you had a wonderful vacation, and can't wait to see more photos! Manana! :0)

Anonymous said...

looks like you sis's had a great vacation!


nathalie said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a wonderful (and warm) vacation.
Welcome back!

Libby said...

What a wonderful sister you have! I'm lucky enough to live in Playa del Carmen, and I can see that you did a great job of seeing so much of what Playa offers! La Tortuga is a fabulous hotel. Great choice!

That Eiffel Tower sign you pictured is for a pharmacy chain called Paris Pharmacy. The sign says in red "Our Recipe is to Serve You". And Nancy is right about the esquites except that they use mayonnaise instead of sour cream. Oh, and lime juice is an essential ingredient!

Anonymous said...

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