11 February 2009

One more contest

I may have mentioned before that i belong to a very special team on Etsy, called The Etsy Beagle Street Team, a great bunch of ladies who love their doggies!! Well, we are having our first ever contest (this is quite the month for them) and we would love it if you entered for our giveaway!! Every now and then we have a challenge where we have a theme and make items related to the challenge. This month is our "Puppy Love" challenge, and i made my little Scottie dog lavender pillow. All you have to do is go to the blog and vote for your favorite challenge item!
Go to the link below to our blog to check it out and be sure to enter to win a lovely pin generously donated by one of the team members Sue, who has the Etsy shop Frums Glass Menagerie.

Etsy Beagles Street Team

and Good Luck to all who enter!!

One more thing to add on this post:

I will be away for a week, i lucked into a trip to Mexico, thanks to big sis! Back on the 21st.

and I would like to wish my little sis a very happy birthday!


MsAnomaly said...

Arrrooooo!Love your Scotty/Checky pillow, Tricia! It's so exciting for the Beagles team to have their first promotional event going on! We're 80 members strong now, and you were one of our first members (remember how excited we were when we had 17 members!?) Flowers to the Faithful! And nose-kisses to Lulu Belle! :0)

tricia said...

Wow...80!!! that's awesome Linda! Nose kisses from Lulu Belle to Flash!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the birthday wishes!

the 2 of you have fun in sunny
m e x i c o!


and fun at moma's birthday dinner


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