27 February 2009

part dos

Many beautiful flowers to look at in Playa Del Carmen.....like this delightful hibiscus.

We didn't stop to look in this shop.....maybe flowers and ice cream?? But it looked so pretty!

Leather boots definitely a hot item....but I'm not exactly the cowboy boot kind of girl.

Loved this photo of a dance club.

Guava paleta...refreshing and chewy!

No, we didn't eat here...haha....just seemed a bit out of place.

Didn't see a lot of cacti this trip except for this mural.

This money exchange looked cool, and old.

Tom was interested in one of the wrestling masks for Halloween.

Eye loved this graffiti! hehe.

Cool signage!
The outside wall of this club looked like a pineapple!

On the way up to a fabulous restaurant in Playa Del Carmen.

The food was great! The music and ambiance too!

Very odd shop!!
Wish i had a machete to drink this coconut!

Massive old door....love the metalwork!

Sleepy Chihuahua named Margarita. The owner was nice enough to pose for this with her cute doggie. Margarita is muy bonita!

As is these flowers in our hotel.

I could not get over how much mosaicing i saw in Playa! Fantastical!

Like this mannequin! click to see better.

Cute miniature lighthouse on 5TH Avenue.

Real size lighthouse on the beach.

Cute but hot spot for lunch.

Cigar store...er Cigars.
Lots of fun shopping. I bought a Frida Kahlo beach bag in pink.

5TH Avenue in Playa Del Carmen. Where the people are walking is a starfish stone mosaic.

Pretty hotel lobby...love the colors and furnishings.

This looked like a magical hotel!
Pretty little senoritas!!

Beautiful shell pink lighting!

Shell lighting...so beautiful!

This light is made out of a gourd. It's gourdious!! (couldn't resist the pun..sorry!)

This alleyway was a mini shopping plaza.

Lighting in the alleyway.

I thought this was nice lighting/signage.

Lots of wrought iron gates and wrought iron things.

Shopping was fun and good deals could be found. I didn't buy these glasses, but I did buy the scarf i'm wearing.....a beautiful teal green soft scarf.

This is a great beach bag....love all the beads hanging from it. Hmmm...I'm getting inspired!

This bag is amazing! Click on photo to see better.

Cathy and I bought a couple of thing at this shop. So beautiful!

Another great light!
Cute sign...and i loved the gourd lamps...only 20 dollars and up.

They would be great on a patio.

Love the mosaic tiling that went all the way up this staircase...it felt cool and nice to touch.

And such nice beachy colors.

This was my favorite water brand....it had peppermint in it.....so refreshing!

Lovely shady street with an interesting wall mural...

Wow!!! So cool!
Our hotel lobby was painted a very cheery strawberry red! Cathy inspects the pillar lamps that look like large candles.

The maid left very cute towels folded into amazing animals...
we hated to ruin them, but we needed a towel.

These two people must be having fun...or scared out of their wits....i would be the latter!

Ahhhh Mexico!! No other place like it!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Adios mis amigos!


MsAnomaly said...

Wow! Everything is so beautiful! Your photos are great, Tricia. You can really see the art everywhere! Got a kick out of the Drugs/Deli, and love those gourd lights! Thanks for sharing your wonderful and well-deserved vacation! :0)

Libby said...

Terrific pictures!!! I love that Money Exchange too! So cool. I have to keep an eye out for that mint water you found. I love peppermint! Thanks for the heads up.


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