07 October 2008

My Eddie

My poor Eddie has been feeling poorly lately. We took him to the vet, who found a kidney infection, and after more tests revealed that he has a rare condition called encephalitis. It is a syndrome that attacks the organs, lymph nodes, bone marrow and there is no cure. Some cats live only a few weeks or months and some live a year. He is on steroid treatment and a convalescent diet, which have helped with his symptoms.

As you can see Eddie loves this time of year best. He even has a maple leaf hat!

I love how the sunlight is framing his face in this photo.

Eddie spends a lot of time in the bathroom....he sits on a chair with a folded towel or in the window watching cat tv.

Eddie love to sit in the bathroom window and watch any activity in the garden...the squirrels and birds are his tv. His favorite soap opera is 'All My Birds'.

As Tyra Banks would say 'Your face is Fieeerecce'

He had just come home from being at the vet for a whole day and half....for intravenous fluids and antibiotics to treat his kidney infection. He has to go back for more tests next week. They gave him a pretty pink bandage where the IV was inserted. Poor Eddie.

Since he has lost so much weight (used to weigh 15 lbs and now down to 9 lbs) he can now fit in this tiny basket. He is so light now...I carry him around the house with me.

Eddie sure doesn't seem to be a sick kitty except for his weight loss, plus he is so fluffy you don't really notice just how thin he really is until you pet him. My little grey man is just a bag of bones now, but he sure is so handsome and exquisite as Steve calls him.

I'm praying and hoping he will make it to the new year. I wish he could stay with me forever! Eddie is the sweetest, gentlest, quietest kitty I have ever know. He is a dream cat!


Kylie B said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear this my thoughts are with you, I hope he it with you for Christmas too :)

kim* said...

poor baby. my heart goes out to your lil guy

Anonymous said...

i'll keep eddie in my prayers
he's such a regal cat!
i miss his kitty massages!
all the best to him!

sis carol

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about the news. They are so wonderful to share life with (we have 5 cats - one with kittens on the way)....but it truly, truly, absolutely SUCKS when they leave. Been through that many times. My heart is with you all.

Thank you for introducing Eddie to me. I'm thrilled to meet him...the King that he is!

~Cat Magick~


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