30 September 2008

Blast from the past

Steve and Patricia, circa 1968

I found this funny website today called YearbookYourself, where you can see what you look like in old yearbook photos from the 50's all the way up to 2000. I have to warn you, the 80's photos are verrrry scarrrrry. It's free and it's lots of fun.
I'm channeling Mar from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I'm getting ready to type up the evening news and get Mr. Grant another coffee, then have lunch with Rhoda at the steak house.
Steve looks so strange with dark hair, I'm so used to seeing him as a blondie!!

That was a lot of fun! I needed some fun after having a stressful day yesterday when I found out Eddie is sick with a kidney infection. He is at the vet clinic now getting treatment...IV fluids and antibiotics. I hope he comes through this okay. Please say a little prayer for my dear Eddie.


Victoria said...

I hope your kitty is doing better!
The photos are a hoot, I will have to try this!

Kylie B said...

Oh I hope your kitty is better.

Fantastic photos LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad I found you in Blogland. We just lost our kitty to a car....I will say a little prayer for your darling Eddie. He is beautiful. And so is your blog.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh poor little sweet edie, hope he beats the odds you were mentioning and lives another 10 years!

funny photos
you really suit the mary-do, looks great
steve is somewhat unreconizable, i wouldn't know it was him walking down the street

all the best to edie


Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

Aw....saying prayer for your Eddie, Tricia. I hope he`s doing better. I finally turned on the heat last night a made a pillow for Teddy. He loves sitting by the fire. Turned it off again today though because we have sunshine :)
Isn`t it funny how we end up making the same things around the same time!!


Anonymous said...

hope eddie is feeling better! thanks for stopping by to say hello~ i haven't been keeping up with the blogging bit lately! btw- i love these "high school" photos...i've seen something like them before, i think i need to try it!

...i guess i'm off to post in my blog now :)


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