26 September 2008

It's that time again....

Time to show some new items for the house and my shop!

We recently acquired this old clock that I found on craigslist for an amazing price...it cost only a paltry $25 dollars!! We were told that it has been converted to work on batteries and should work, although one of the hands is very loose...I am itching to see if it will work, I want to hear that wonderful tick tick tick, and see the pendulum swing back and forth rhythmically and soothingly. I adore old clocks.

Funnily enough, we saw this same clock in a restaurant, and it was ticking and pendulum was working.

So what else is new you ask?

I have just listed a new new pouches/cases in my shop, perfect for carrying your cosmetics, jewels, anything really!

This one, I call my Coral pouch with ribbon applique and painted dots, would be great as a pencil case...

and it has a green crystal bobble on the zipper...so fun!

I love this fabric on the back too!

This is a pretty little pouch, which is nice to carry jewels on a trip or your cosmetics.

It features a mint green lace trim with antique pink and ivory buttons.

I've also added another bracelet to the shop, talkofthetown!

I just love these beads in grape and a luminescent aqua, it features a unique tail.

And speaking of tails, Eddie is not feeling that great these days. We are taking him to the vet tomorrow for a check up and a few tests. I just got over having a sick pooch, and now Eddie goes and gets sick...I do hope it's not too serious! He is getting up there in years though, 14 or 15 now...I am not quite sure. Poor old Eddie, he's been throwing up, having diarrhea, and scratching himself, causing his fur to come off and he's lost quite an alarming amount of weight.

Please keep your fingers crossed that Eddie will be okay! I will post about his vet appt. in a few days.


kim* said...

your bag is too cute

nathalie said...

Oh no, I do hope Eddie is okay!

Anonymous said...

get well soon edie


Anonymous said...

I _love_ the clock.


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