22 September 2008

Scenes from a porch

We recently acquired a white wicker loveseat that i scored on craigslist for a good price. I'd been looking all summer for a good one at a good price. Steve and I have been enjoying a few minutes every afternoon sitting and chatting a bit with a nice iced coffee.

Although Lulu looks incredibly sad in this photo, she loves sitting out here even if we're inside.
She watches people being walked by their dogs and sometimes greets them with an enthusiatic Aroooo when they stroll by.

The waning days of summer are upon us now. Notice Steve is wearing socks and a sweater!!


Anonymous said...

looks like a cozy spot to while away the hours


Anonymous said...

that was from me


Nathalie said...

Looks nice. I wish we had a porch too! Lulu looks so cute!

kim* said...

my aunt used to have wicker furniture. so it reminds me of her.


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