15 September 2008

dog day afternoon

This cute thing wanted to go to the dog park/conservation.

'Are we there yet???'

Seeing as it was a warm and not too threatening to rain afternoon, we complied.

Here's where we went.

I think someone or something left this apple here and a squirrel started to gnaw at it.

The other side of the apple was gnaw free.

Mountain ash tree...I think.

The trail was awaiting us....

and our cute thing.

The black forest beckons...

Ahhhh nature..

This cutie was in my face....but I didn't mind one bit.


'Nice to meet you, I'm Lulu"

The chase is on....see if you can catch me!

This lab had no interest whatsoever in our cute thing.

A bridge.

View from the bridge.

Lets play!

mossy rock.

This is where dogs meet and greet.

...ears a-flapping!

Time out for a cool dip and drink.

Gizmo the Chihuahua....not white for long with all the mud around!

That was a fun day!

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Boy, what a great day to be a dog! What a cutie-pie! I grew up with a beagle and just love them!


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