14 February 2008

A Rose is....

a Rose is a Rose is a.....well, you know how it goes, right?

Happy Valentines's Day!!!!!!!

to my family, friends and especially to my sweetheart Steven, who gave me the roses in the photo!

I wanted to introduce you to my new friend Penelope. She is my new friend from Madison Wisconsin. Penelope is a gal you might see around town, riding her bike, at the co-op or tending her community garden plot. She is very friendly & likes to be with people of all ages. She loves to hang out and play in the kitchen because she loves to cook and bake as well, especially cookies!

Penelope and this sweet little house are my latest treasures from Etsy. They sit on my window sill in the kitchen and are so nice to look at while i wash the dishes. I have a love for painted wooden handmade crafted things. Maybe one of these days i'll make something similiar. What fun they are, don't you think?

and speaking of handmade, i made these necklaces, i love the sparkly hearts which i picked up at a bead supply store in NYC years ago. They are fun and funky to wear. I am wearing the gold one today, and i gave the silver one to my niece Melissa.

I also have been making some lavender sachets. I used a silk scarf that my sis Carol painted years ago. I added a beaded wire heart to make it even prettier! I hope to add these to the shop soon!
Well have a lovely day today! I hope you do something special and fun this Valentines!


smittenkittenorig said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :D The roses are beautiful and just the thing to brighten up a mid-winter day. Penelope seems like a good kitchen companion and I'm sure her cookie baking skills will keep you in good stead for ages to come. :) By the by, I really like your sachets and those sparkling hearts on your necklaces. You've put me in a SoHo state of mind with those. :)

Anonymous said...

the sachets are very cute

Happy Valentine's to you too



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