07 February 2008

Lazy daze

Ever feel like just lounging the day away?

After the recent snow storm, i feel like jumping in my bed, under my two duvets and wool blankie and hiding until spring!

Lovely, is'nt it?

Lulu doesn't mind the cold, in fact she loooooves jumping in snow drifts and eating fresh snow cones....silly dog!

Just thought i would leave you with something fun and silly....meet Mr. Cheese! As i was making my sandwich the other day, i laughed when i saw this piece of swiss cheese. He reminds me a bit of Mr. Bill, from Saturday Night Live. He seems to be saying...
'NoOOOOOO! Don't Eat meeeeeee!!!
I let Lulu Belle eat Mr. Cheese. I don't think he suffered much, she gobbled him down in 2 nanoseconds.


nathalie said...

Pat, the cheese is sooo funny! I'm still laughing about it!
Yeah, know what you mean about the snow. I'm so tired of it already and it's only early Feb.
Two snow storms in one week is a bit much!

smittenkittenorig said...

That snow is massive! I can understand why you're ready to hide. If you can , will the snow over to the Washington DC area. I'm dying to see snow again this season. :D I liked Mr. Cheese. Hilarious!

Nicole Solo said...

lots of snow! I wish we could just get a couple inches here


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